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Providing Physiatric Treatment
(Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist)
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the specialty of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal, nervous system, and joint (rheumatism, osteoarthritis) diseases.

With an aging population in the USA and in most countries and the prevalence of chronic illnesses, pain, weakness and sensory loss present as the major disabling components of illness. The treatment of chronic pain in particular is complex and multi-faceted. In distinction to acute pain, which is a symptom of an immediate tissue injury, chronic pain serves as an indication of physical and psychological changes that have occurred subsequent to the original injury. Unsuccessful treatment often occurs as a result of an overemphasis on the initial tissue injury. Chronic pain treatment requires mastery in addressing the physical and psychosocial as well as vocational and domiciliary circumstances leading to it. A Physiatrist (specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) is best suited to address such complex conditions.

Our approach is principled on multidisciplinary care. At our clinic we provide a component of the diagnostic and medical therapeutic services. By reaching out to established and capable other medical and ancillary health care providers we complement our services so that the patient’s progress is expedited and their disability is fully addressed.
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