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(Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist)
Disability Management
Once an individual has sustained an illness(s) or injury(s) that results in chronic disability their medical care is further complicated by the changed psychosocial, domiciliary and vocational circumstances.

A physiatrist (specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) is the most suitable, skilled and commonly involved specialist physician who will lead / direct the many facets of care for such a complex patient.

Dr. Massumi - in his former capacities and roles as a Physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabiltiation) consultant to local hospitals and in his current professional endeavors as a private clinic based physiatrist - has a multi-decade experience in directing the many facets and elements of care of chronically ill patients. These services - commonly known as 'Disability Management Services'- are under the medical professional guidance and advice of Dr. Massumi and colleagues of his in medicine and the allied medical services. Additionally Dr. Massumi has liaison and a long professional working relationship with professionals in the work adjustment / vocational and other State and Federal Rehabilitation services and draws on their support and expertise to expedite recovery and rehabilitation of his patients.
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